Class 1 Introduction to Geospatial Technology
Long ago in a far away land...
The Birth of 'Spatial Thinking'
...but navigating accurately from point A to point B remained illusive for centuries.
its now 2015....we're still directionally challenged; we're still using maps.
A few things happened between 16th century and 21st century...
Computers + Data + Maps = GIS
Data keeps Changing; Maps keep changing
Big       challenges lie ahead...
So how does GIS work?
Principle 1 - Stacking
Principle 2 - Two Data Models
Principle 3 - Coordinate Spaces
Principle 4 - Spatial + Nonspatial

2 -Two Data Models

3 -Coordinate Spaces

4 -Spatial + Nonspatial

Lab - Intro to Vector and Raster
Class 1 Introduction to Geospatial Technology